Andrea Valeri SULTANS OF SWING Guitar Lesson

Hello and thank you for your patience!
After a long wait, This is the first of a long series of instructional videos that will be released in October.

I hope you’ll enjoy!

20 thoughts on “Andrea Valeri SULTANS OF SWING Guitar Lesson

  1. Ciao Andrea, bellissimo arrangiamento e ottimo video. Hai intenzione anche di produrre uno spartito o una tablatura? Grazie e complimenti

  2. Andrea,
    quando ti ho visto suonare la prima volta dal vivo questo brano (rigomagno ad agosto) avevo gli occhi a palla!

    • Hi Dear Friend!
      Follow the instructions in the “Tutorials” – “TABs” section of this website, please!

  3. Excellent performance, opening new horizons of guitar music!
    Please get me a copy (file) of your arrangement (sultans of swing).
    Thank You, very much, indeed.

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